Welcome to iWatch.

Send Crime Tips from Your Mobile Phone. Anywhere, Anytime. Anonymously.

What is iWatch Howard County?

iWatch Howard County is a virtual crime watch that you and your neighbors can use to report behaviors and activities that make you feel uncomfortable or do not look right.

What does it do?

Like traditional neighborhood crime watches, your awareness reported to the police can help solve crimes or even prevent a terrorist attack.

How You Can Help

The Howard County Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of Howard County through a cooperative working relationship between the police and the people they serve.

The success of solving crime lies in the actions of the citizens who have knowledge of, or view these criminal acts.

With your help, we can all strive to make Howard County, MD a safer place to live and play.

It's Anonymous.

iWatchHowardCounty is a community awareness program that educates the community about suspicious activities & criminal behaviors.

iWatchHowardCounty focuses on criminal behavior and criminal enterprises that could also indicate a nexus to terrorist activities.

Citizens are provided a convenient reporting method to provide tips and leads to police concerning crime that is affecting their community.

iWatchHowardCounty allows our citizens to harness the communication capabilities of the internet/social networking sites to report crime tips and leads. This site will be a new and innovative tool to increase our community wide effort to reduce crime.

There are four ways to report:

If you see something, say something. It's that simple.

Report Online

On your smartphone? No problem. On your PC? Ditto. In fact, you can send a report from this website by clicking here:

Send A Text Message

Send an anonymous text, start a live chat, or tell us how we can contact you about a crime.

Send A Quick Tip

Send a quick tip and include up to three photos & video with text. (anonymous)

Send A
Complete Tip

The most detail possible. Send a crime tip with photos, video, text, descriptions, suspect info, location and type of crime.